NOVExport is a European Project designed to increase the competitiveness of small- and medium-size businesses in the space and digital technologies sector in the South-West of Europe, and to support their internationalization toward Latin America’s agricultural, environmental and maritime markets.

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The aim of SPACE2IDGO is to implement the international business development action plan as defined during the SPACE2ID (Space Clusters International Industrial Diversification) project, the very first structured action for Space Service Providers and Application Developers to directly address the huge economic potential of several industrial sectors, carefully selected at European and International level with a clear “market pull” orientation:  Mobility (transportation of people), Energy, Logistics (transportation of goods), Creative industries (design, entertainment), Agriculture. 5 countries have been identified as the top market priorities of the Partnership for the above MELCA sectors: China, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Colombia and Chile.

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Madrid Aerospace Cluster is the coordinador of the european project ACTTiVAte, consists of supporting innovation in SMEs and fostering the smart reindustrialization of Europe by enabling the emergence of new cross-border and cross-sectoral value chains resulting from the translation of advanced technologies among selected sectors with strong synergies. These new value chains will be created from the interaction of the following sectors: aerospace, agro-food sector, health and ICT. More information.

A collaborative platform to provide a relevant training on nanosat technology through Student Challenges:

• NANOSTAR is funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

• The project has a planned duration of 30 months and a total budget of 2 million euros.

• The consortium is composed of 7 universities and 2 aerospace clusters, plus 3 ESA Business Incubation Centres as associates, in France, Spain and Portugal.

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SPACE2ID, The European Strategic Cluster Partnership between Space Clusters and other key diversification clusters:

mobility, energy, logistics, creative industries and agriculture. 2016-2017.