Representative of Madrid Regional Government at NEREUS

NEREUS (Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies), is an initiative by regions from all over Europe, which share as Full Members its governance. Emphasis is placed on the use of space technologies. The network aims to explore the benefits of space technologies for Regions and their citizens and to spread their applications. NEREUS is a strong voice for the regional dimension of European Space Policy and programs as well as end-user needs.

Mission statement

NEREUS aims to play an active role in the construction and development of space technology markets in order to ensure that optimal framework conditions are met for the further development of space applications.

As a strong voice for the regional dimension of European Space Policy, NEREUS wants to increase and enhance the participation of citizens and companies in European Space Policy and Programmes. Ultimately, it strives for an adequate representation of end user needs in terms of space applications and services.


Full Members are regions or regional entities from the EU Member States, which enjoy a level of autonomy ranking immediately after the state level, and are endowed with an independent political representation.

Associate Members are local authorities other than the Regions which qualify as Full Members, companies, corporations, associations, foundations, banks, universities, firms, private actors, stakeholders, other networks, etc., whose competence, knowledge and interests concur with the aims of the NEREUS network.

Nereus full members

Working groups

The topics of the NEREUS Working Groups encompass the main fields of cooperation of the NEREUS Political Charter. Although the working group subjects are technology oriented, the organisers strive to put as much emphasis as possible on the application dimension. The NEREUS Working Groups are the content providers of the network.

– Earth Observation/(GMES) Copernicus
– Telecommunication
– Technologies from Space Exploration
– Communication, Education and Training (CET)
– Clusters

In its aim to raise the awareness and understanding of the Copernicus program and broaden its user base, the European Commission produced and published a series of video tutorials available for all those interested in learning more about the opportunities offered by Europe’s Earth Observation flagship program.

Ranging from a general overview of Copernicus to more specific tutorials targeting entrepreneurs (funding schemes, sales processes, incubator programs…) or local governments, the videos cover a broad range of applications tackling issues such as risk planning, detecting forest damage or assessing aquaculture.

NEREUS contributed by developing a series of videos specifically dedicated to local governments. The module on “Copernicus for Local and Regional Authorities”, intended for the Copernicus Information and Training Sessions which are being organized across Europe, is now available in video format online. Its general introduction offers an overview of how Copernicus can be a game changer for public authorities, enabling a better informed decision-making and supporting a more efficient deployment of resources.

The module features public user experiences and presents concrete examples of inter-regional collaboration developed on the NEREUS platform demonstrating how thies represents a way forward to participate better in Copernicus opportunities. Thanks to its experts, NEREUS picked appropriate examples from different Copernicus applications in regions and cities across Europe, illustrating key takeaways for local governments.


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