Madrid Aerospace Cluster is ESA’s Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Madrid Region Partner

As part of its endeavour to encourage the transfer and commercialisation of space technologies, the European Space Agency has set up business incubators located in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, Frascati, Italy, Darmstadt and Bavaria, Germany, Harwell, United Kingdom, Redu and Geel in Belgium, Toulouse in France, Barcelona, Portugal (Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra), and now in Madrid, Spain.

Their purpose is to enable entrepreneurs (incubatees) to receive commercial and technical assistance in order to set up their business using space technology for general non-space industrial, scientific and commercial uses.

Madrid Aerospace Cluster Colaboration

Design and establishment of a methodology to select worthwhile projects to be developed in the Madrid ESA BIC (Business Incubation Centre), in close collaboration Madrid Region Government and the European Space Agency.

Main goal: To boost the development of space-based applications for terrestrial sector